BLOG: Atypical in the Workplace

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3 Preconceived Notions About Job Interviewing You Should Ditch

At our previous Office Hours Virtual Q&A, we talked to interview coach and guest expert Michelle Marie (Aequitas Coaching). Click here for the full recap and recording of the presentation! Mindset is one of the first things coaches address when working with new clients, and in Michelle’s experience, most people often have preconceived notions about ... Read more
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Neurodivergent Professionals Share The Best Ways for Allies to Support Them at Work

In this post, neurodivergent professionals share the 8 best ways allies can best support them in the workplace.
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Office Hours: 5 Job Interview Tips for Neurodivergent Professionals

Michelle Marie, interview coach and owner of Aequitas Coaching, discusses the top 5 job interview tips tailored towards neurodivergent professionals.
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Requesting Accommodations in the Workplace for Neurodivergent Professionals

Access to support at work can go a long way in setting you up for success. But the process of requesting them can be overwhelming, especially for neurodivergent folks who struggle with advocating for themselves. This guide will take you through the steps you need to take to request accommodations or adjustments at work and ... Read more
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Intro to SMART Career Goals for Neurodivergent Professionals

Goal setting is important in workplaces, but effective goals follow the SMART method. This post discusses the acronym SMART and what it means in terms of goal setting.
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Coping Skills and Techniques for Neurodivergents in the Workplace

This post discusses the nervous system and coping skills/techniques neurodivergent professionals can use in the workplace.
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