“This is the career coaching experience I always wanted!”

Unlike other career services, Atypical Careers is uniquely tailored to neurodivergent individuals like me, providing a refreshing departure from the neurotypical mindset prevalent in most services. Traditional advice to “just do it” or “push yourself” only fueled my guilt and feelings of failure. Veronica’s encouragement and support create a safe space where I feel understood and accepted. 

During our sessions, Veronica not only assists with practical aspects like job hunting and resume editing but also conducts deep reflections on my abilities and limitations. She guides me in understanding the “why” and “how” behind career decisions, drawing from her lived experiences as a relatable example of success for someone like me.

Through positive affirmation and a detailed exploration of ADHD-specific challenges, Veronica has been instrumental in diminishing my fear of entering the workforce. Her passion, enthusiasm, and neurodivergent-friendly conversations have significantly boosted my self-confidence and understanding, making the journey towards a fulfilling career a much smoother and empowering experience.

This is the career coaching experience I always wanted, with someone who truly understands my struggles and patiently guides me on navigating the working world.

Noah Q

“I actually felt better about myself just after our phone calls!”

Job searching can be intimidating and overwhelming. Job applications are literally invitations to be judged! Veronica helped me zero in on my key experiences and skills to highlight. She didn’t waste any time, but she wasn’t impersonal about it. I actually felt better about myself, just after our phone calls! I’m so happy with the end result, I’m excited in my job search again.

Hillary D

“I felt very heard and understood throughout the process.”

“I felt very heard and understood throughout the whole process. Veronica took the time to have several calls with me to ask about my previous work experience and gain a sense of my skills and strengths. She did a great job of articulating my assets to help me stand out and appeal to prospective employers. I am very grateful for all the help, thank you Veronica!”

Gina A

“With Veronica, she understands my goals.”

“With Veronica, she understands my goals. I have struggled in making cover letters and resumes because I worry that my experiences and educational background are not good enough for the job that I am applying for, even if I believe that I have the qualities that they are looking for. Veronica helped me write a resume where I can shine a light on qualities that I would like to highlight, like my work ethic.”

Rachelle D
Rachelle De Leon
The Neurodivergent Employment and Burnout Cycle


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