BLOG: Atypical in the Workplace

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10 Best Tools for Neurodivergent Workers

Neurodivergent professionals in the Neurodivergent Careers and Job Hunting Facebook group gave their suggestions on tools that have been helpful for them in their work. The article summarizes these suggestions and states what they can be used for.
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The Link Between Masking and Burnout for Neurodivergent Professionals

For neurodivergent professionals, having to mask at work leads to burnout. This article touches upon the link between masking and burnout and addresses how you can break this cycle.
Veronica Yao as a Child

Masking Throughout the Years: A Reflection on Growing Up ADHD

Veronica, a career coach and owner of Atypical Careers, shares a personal reflection on her experience growing up with ADHD.
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Why Neurodivergent Professionals Stay at Toxic Workplaces

This blog post discusses the top 5 reasons neurodivergent professionals tend to stay at their toxic workplaces.
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Should I Share My Mental Health Diagnosis With My Manager?

Discover the top 5 steps to take into consideration when deciding whether to disclose your mental health diagnosis to your managers.
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Job Interview Questions with Hidden Meanings: A Guide for Neurodivergent Professionals

Job interviews are tricky for everyone, but even trickier for neurodivergent professionals. This article discusses the interview questions with hidden meanings and the best approaches to answering these questions.
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