3 Preconceived Notions About Job Interviewing You Should Ditch

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Veronica Yao

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by Veronica Yao

At our previous Office Hours Virtual Q&A, we talked to interview coach and guest expert Michelle Marie (Aequitas Coaching). Click here for the full recap and recording of the presentation!

Mindset is one of the first things coaches address when working with new clients, and in Michelle’s experience, most people often have preconceived notions about what to expect from an interview. And while some will be helpful, there are three big ones that should be adjusted before you meet your next potential employer!

1. “An interview is a series of questions you need to answer to get the job.”

Don’t think of a job interview as an exam. Reframe it as a conversation.

In an exam, there is a “correct answer” and a score attached to your answer. Plus, all the pressure is on you to make sure the meeting is a success.

In a conversation, the interviewer shares the responsibility of how the interview turns out, and there is more of a natural back-and-forth flow to the engagement.

2. “You need to have the ‘correct’ answer for every question.”

There is no such thing as a “right” or “wrong” answer in an interview, so don’t think of it like that. Every interviewer’s expectations will be different, so there’s no point in trying to anticipate what they want to hear from you.

Instead, focus on delivering effective answers that convey the message you want to deliver – which is, of course, that you are a strong contender for the position, and that you would be a great addition to their team!

3. “The interviewer will try to trick you into making mistakes so they can disqualify you.”

Unless you are interviewing for the world’s worst employer, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The interviewer actually wants you to do well, because the better you perform, the closer they are to their goal of hiring for the position.

So don’t go into the interview with a defensive mindset. Think of it as a meeting where you both get to explore whether there’s alignment between your goals and get to know one another.

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