BLOG: Atypical in the Workplace

Office Hours Q&A: Advice for Aspiring Neurodivergent Entrepreneurs

In the month of May, business development coach Jenesis Rose provided her advice for aspiring neurodivergent entrepreneurs.
Desiree Green sits casually on a kitchen countertop, smiling at the camera.

Office Hours Q&A: Neurodivergent Career Success Story, Desiree Green

June's monthly Office Hours will focus on a success story as a neurodivergent professional. Hear from Desiree Green and how she accomplished career success on June 12.
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Office Hours Q&A: 5 Neurodivergent-Friendly Tips We Learned About Resumes & CVs

Veronica shares her top five tips for creating resumes and CVs, tailored to neurodivergent professionals. This is a recap of her monthly Office Hours webinar.
A group of four young entrepreneurs gather at a table around a laptop.

Office Hours Q&A: Entrepreneurship & Self-Employment for Neurodivergent Professionals

Join us for a free virtual Q&A Live Chat for neurodivergent professionals, hosted by Atypical Careers.  Register to save your spot, and be sure to submit an advance question for our guest expert to answer during the events.  Featured speakers:
A woman in a green sweater against a bright blue background looking pensive

Neurodivergent Professionals Share Helpful Mindsets for Work

Neurodivergent professionals from the Neurodivergent Careers and Job Hunting group share some helpful mindsets for the workplace.
A picture with two people sitting across from each other. The image is focused on their hands. The interviewer is holding a resume.

3 Preconceived Notions About Job Interviewing You Should Ditch

At our previous Office Hours Virtual Q&A, we talked to interview coach and guest expert Michelle Marie (Aequitas Coaching). Click here for the full recap and recording of the presentation! Mindset is one of the first things coaches address when working with new clients, and in Michelle’s experience, most people often have preconceived notions about ... Read more
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