Office Hours Q&A: Neurodivergent Career Success Story, Desiree Green

Veronica Yao

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by Veronica Yao

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This month, we are spotlighting an incredible neurodivergent success story, featuring Desiree Green!

Desiree is a recognized leader in the hospitality management space with a proven track record of success in training and development, cost control, and leadership for multi-million dollar companies. Throughout her twenties, she was recognized for her potential and rose through the ranks, making a name for herself as a high-achieving professional.

But Desiree’s success didn’t come easy. Desiree struggled with constant burnout, and was rejected early on for many leadership positions for not being “serious enough”. After getting her ADHD diagnosis, she finally understood why she saw things so differently from her neurotypical colleagues, and was better able to tap into her full potential as a professional.

Today, Desiree is a consultant and coach for her business, Emerald Earnings. She provides a wide range of services to help neurodivergent professionals harness their unique strengths, overcome career challenges, and find fulfillment in their work.

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Are you neurodivergent and burnt out at work?

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