10 Best Tools for Neurodivergent Workers

Veronica Yao

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by Veronica Yao

No one said it was easy being neurodivergent in a neurotypical world. Add on the pressures of navigating the workplace and its unspoken rules, and you may find yourself overwhelmed and burnt out.

Fortunately, there are more tools and technologies than ever before to help us deal with things like decision paralysis, sensory overload, or executive dysfunction – if you know where to look, that is.

Read on and explore this list of little-known resources, recommended by neurodivergent professionals in our Neurodivergent Careers & Job Hunting group on Facebook

Task Management with Goblin.Tools

Goblin.Tools is a versatile platform that neurodivergent professionals can use to break down tasks into more manageable parts. Simply type in a prompt (for example, “I need to transcribe meeting notes”) and the tool will magically break it down into smaller steps that you can follow. 

Another standout feature is the “formalizer” tool, which can refine the tone of any text, making it sound more formal. This can be particularly helpful when it comes to professional communication – use this when you need to draft a particularly formal communication like an email at work. 

Decision-Making Gamified with Spin the Wheel

For those facing decision paralysis, Spin the Wheel offers a playful solution. By inputting your work tasks into the wheel, you can gamify your choices and let chance dictate your priorities. This innovative approach can add an element of fun to your workday while ensuring that important tasks don’t get overlooked. Plus, the app is free!

Improve Focus with Bone Conduction Headphones

Bone conduction headphones can be a game-changer for neurodivergent professionals. These Bluetooth-enabled headphones allow you to enjoy background music while remaining aware of your surroundings, since it doesn’t require you to put anything in your ears – a bonus for those who are averse to having earbuds directly in their ears. 

This gadget can be especially beneficial in open office spaces, helping you concentrate while staying attuned to phone calls and interactions with coworkers.

Music for Focus: Unique Instrumental Playlists

Music is a powerful tool for enhancing focus. Instrumental music is usually best, and while every person will have their own preferences, Lo-Fi playlists are especially popular for studying and working. Search them up on platforms like Youtube or Spotify. 

Binaural beats or 8D music are also great types of music for neurodivergent folks. They’re often used in music therapy because the “movement” and the tones used create pleasant sensations in our brains, making it easier to focus. Be sure to listen with headphones for an immersive experience!

Insight Timer for Creating Healthy Wellness Habits

Insight Timer is a wellness app that neurodivergent professionals can use to create healthy habits through regular meditation, managing sleep habits, practicing breathwork, and more. 

By maintaining these wellness habits, you will have greater capacity to stay grounded during moments of stress and overwhelm at work. 

A Quieter Alternative for Alarms

It’s common for neurodivergent professionals to use alarms to help with managing time, motivating them to complete work, and more. But having a loud alarm can disturb others near your workstation. 

If you’re looking for a more discreet solution, try setting the LED light to notify you instead of loud alarms. This way, you can stay on track without causing disruption to colleagues.

Earplugs and Sound Dampeners to Avoid Sensory Overload

Many neurodivergent professionals are sensitive to sound, and can have trouble focusing with too many noises happening at once.

Earplugs are great for when you need to block out noise and focus on your work. But if you simply need to filter out loud background noise, sound dampeners like Loop earplugs work well so you don’t feel so overwhelmed.

Animi App for Emotion Management:

Understanding and managing emotions can be challenging for neurodivergent individuals. Many of us experience alexithymia, which means it can be difficult for us to identify and interpret our emotions and our feelings. 

The Animi app provides a structured approach to identifying and regulating emotions. Using this app regularly can make it easier to keep in touch with your inner feelings and label them clearly for yourself. This is especially valuable when you’re attempting to self-regulate in the workplace. 

JAN for Workplace Accommodations

The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) is an excellent resource for neurodivergent professionals seeking workplace accommodations. JAN provides information and guidance to help individuals navigate their specific needs in the workplace.

Bionic Reading for Efficient Reading

Have you heard of Bionic Reading? This typeface bolds the first few letters of each word, making it easier to skim and comprehend large blocks of text. 

This is great for neurodivergent professionals who need to read and process lots of text based information. If you want to try a free version of Bionic Reading, check out this online resource.

Are you neurodivergent and burnt out at work?

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